Nassim Ghrayeb

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 03

Nassim Ghrayeb
Acting CEO
I am based in: Toronto

I was referred to THNK by Stephen Brittain.



I'm not so much an entrepreneur, but more of a corpreneur. Although I have started my own insight/foresight company, built it and sold it, much of my experience has been pioneering new markets, methodologies, business models and products within large organizations. I am an avid photographer, and Jungian enthusiast and a champion of the word 'connection'.  I am currently working on an innovation start up in Dubai (Idea Couture), which is envisioned to be where tradition/culture meet innovation, renewing and elevating the experience of what was.


I am still dreaming how to bring all this experience into an enterprise with a powerful social impact, staying open to the opportunities that come on my path.