Natalia Scortecci

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 10

Natalia Scortecci
Senior Merchandiser
I am based in: São Paulo


I am Natalia and I love to study the psychological approach fashion has with people, as this can say a lot about who we are, how we express ourselves and how we act in our lifestyle choices.


I am graduate of Marketing, Post Graduated in Fashion and I have been working in this industry for about 8 years, in companies such as Havaianas and Nike, in roles related to product, marketing and merchandising. These journey have enabled me to experience some very interesting moments in my professional life as for example, a World Cup product strategic planning; the launch of a new category in the market; a study about which category could a very established and accessible brand launch in the global market in order to expand its product portfolio; the management of a brand product line for 30 franchise doors and some others very exciting moments in the sports and fashion industries.


Currently I am very much interested in explore a different approach to marketing, related to cultural anthropological context and also how can this be translated in social collaboration and businesses. In my master thesis I developed a project about the relation of fashion and identity in an era that modern man holds and interacts with characteristics such as Individualism, Hyper technology, Narcissism and Consumerism and Marketing plays an important influence in everyone’s life. I believe that that is much more to explore in this field to bring a different understanding of the possibilities we have with this industry in today’s global market.


Regarding myself I can say that I am a very visual person who loves to travel (especially in Europe!) and meet new cultures, images and histories. In my routine I enjoy practicing sports and spending time with friends eating, drinking wine and talking about everyday life.