Nic Marks

Nic Marks
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I am a recognized expert in the field of well-being research and undertakes innovative research in the use of well-being indicators in public policy environments. Amongst other things, I founded nef's award-winning Centre for Well-being and have led the well-being program since 2001.


Happiness Works is focused on creating great measurement tools and the ideas are based on my experience at the award winning Centre for Well-being at the new economics foundation (nef) - a London-based think tank. The Centre focuses on why well-being should be the aim of governments and policy makers. Happiness Works complements this by focusing on how happiness (and well-being) is a very successful business model for all forms of organisations. I remain a fellow of the new economics foundation and is also on the board of Action for Happiness - a UK-based campaign for a happier society.


Watch my TED talk, read more about the Happy Planet Index, as well as my Wired article on how to be happy