Nick de Heer

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 15

Nick de Heer
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Utrecht

I graduated in 2007 from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in the direction of Informatics & Economics. During my career, I have both worked as an entrepreneur engaging in a social enterprise startup and as a management & strategy consultant at Deloitte. Currently, I am responsible for House of Engagement, which is a Customer Engagement advisory firm focusing on Education, Finance & Legal. We are part of the Broad Horizon Group.

I love working on the edge of business growth and new technology and am basically a nerd with some business skills. I am passionate about change and how data can help human progress in an ever-changing world. My drive is endless and I try to combine my Rotterdam mentality of ‘niet lullen, maar poetsen’ (fewer words, more action) with authenticity and empathy. I try to be a humble yet inspirational leader, while I’m still developing true purpose.

My family is my passion and I love to go camping with my wife and two young daughters. Also, I love to play soccer with my friends. I just started a new hobby this month: boxing. Feel free to ask me later how that worked out for me.