Noam Gressel

Noam Gressel
Co-Founder & CEO
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My career focuses on designing, building and promoting environmental excellence in the business arena.


My early work began with nonprofit environmental activism as science director at IUED. I later headed the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, a Middle Eastern center for cross-boundary environmental research and education. In 2001 I founded Assif-Strategies as part of early efforts globally to create business value with environmental values. The firm provides cutting-edge environmental strategy, management & accounting services to corporations from a broad range of market sectors while also serving as a launchpad for startups focused on cleantech, energy, food and green business.


I am also a co-founder of Elysium Carbon Trade & Investment – a developer of greenhouse gas offset projects (founded 2005); TransAlgae – an agricultural biotechnology firm developing algae-based products (2007) and enChor – an online platform for sustainability-as-a-service (2014). I also serve on the boards of directors of DouxMatok – a developer of a new class of sugar-based sweeteners and EcoOcean – a nonprofit focused on marine conservation, research and education.


I spent a number of years as a venture partner with Greylock IL, a prominent venture capital firm, to focus on investments in innovative cleantech companies, including Panoramic Power and EnStorage.


I earned my Ph.D. at the Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, University of California at Berkeley and a B.Sc. Cum Laude in Soil & Water Sciences from the Hebrew University.