Olga Romanillos

Olga Romanillos
Leadership Coach and Trainer
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Utrecht
Other projects and organizations include: Olga Romanillos Coaching and Moving Your Soul
THNK connection: Faculty, Leadership Coach

“Living and leading with purpose” is the motto that inspires the way I approach my coaching processes and training programs. It consists of supporting people who seek to move towards another horizon, who feel the need to have a real impact in their work, on their lives and on society in which we live who want, in short, to contribute to creating a better world.

Before becoming a professional coach and trainer, I worked for 19 years in different senior sales and marketing management positions at Philips, first in Spain and afterward in their headquarters in the Netherlands, where I am currently living.

My long corporate experience in two different countries and cultures, in combination with coaching expertise based on more than 12 years of coaching practice has given me a unique leadership coaching perspective.

I am an optimistic and enthusiastic person who triggers the same in others, someone who enjoys to deeply “experience “life, and who loves closeness and intimacy with people. I am in my coaching approach truly curious and committed to the personal quest for sense. My ability to listen enables me to detect what it is that makes people come alive, that which moves them and affects them emotionally. In that way, I also strengthen the client's awareness and skills around how their leadership manifests in the outside world. We are all potential leaders, what is it that speaks to the leader in each of us?

My own commitment to a cause beyond my profession is called Moving your Soul, A different way to live with Alzheimer’s, a project that was born from the special connection I experienced with my mother, who suffers from this illness. It started as a meeting place where people all over the world contributed their testimonials about their search and successes to connect with their affected family members, friends or patients. And now, with a small group of committed coaches, I deliver workshops, presentations, as well as individual and group coaching programs in this sector.

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