Olga Romanillos

Olga Romanillos
Faculty & Coach
I am based in: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Other projects and organizations include: Olga Romanillos and Moving Your Soul
THNK connection: Faculty, Leadership Coach

“You cannot easily fit women into a structure that is already coded as male; you have to change the structure. That means thinking about power differently. It means decoupling it from public prestige. It means thinking collaboratively, about the power of followers not just of leaders. It means, above all, thinking about power as an attribute or even a verb (‘to power’), not as a possession.”
― Mary Beard, Women & Power: A Manifesto

I am a coach passionate about women and leadership because we need to change many structures in order to achieve a more sustainable way of living.

With my ears and my intuition, I listen for the big themes facing women today: What's the cage that keeps you trapped? How grounded are you in your true self? Where do your wings want to fly? How will you find your authentic voice and make it be heard? My coaching style is playful yet deep, and it is informed by a large variety of models, concepts, and experiences that I’ve been gathering throughout my coaching career. In each moment, I choose intuitively what I feel is needed to support your process. And I include dreams and artwork as a powerful source of insights.

I also have 20 years long corporate experience in sales and marketing leadership in two very different countries and cultures and - in combination with 15 years of coaching individuals and training leaders and teams – it has given me a unique perspective which I bring to all my client work; I am able to identify deeply with the daily stress and challenges of people from all kinds of organizations, especially women professionals.