Oren Pinsky

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 16

Oren Pinsky
Managing Partner
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: São Paulo

I am an Israel-born Brazilian who found at an early age the passion of bringing positive change to society through innovation and technology. I have built a career and developed personal interest at the intersection of business and technology as an entrepreneur, investor, executive and advisor throughout the globe and mostly in Latin America.

I am super proud of my early career accomplishments, that include the launch of Brazil's first sustainable business plan competition, the first clean technologies VC fund, and one of the country's first Internet Service Provider. More recently I've built and deployed business model that provides free Internet to 100 million daily active users, ran an initiative that enabled students of a remote rural village school in Brazil to become the country's best Internet-connected, and built an innovative agricultural drones program that has been adopted by thousands of farmers to improve yields and reduce costs.

When I am not developing new ideas on how to change the world, I enjoy staying with my family (3 kids age 9, 6 and 3), running marathons, producing electronic music, coding computer-generated art and kitesurfing on the beautiful coast of Brazil.