Osher Günsberg

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 05

Osher Günsberg
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: California


I am an Australian TV and Radio host and producer based in Los Angeles.


For seven years I was a host on "Australian Idol", before moving to the USA in 2009 to pursue my career further. In 2011 I became the first Australian to host a live, primetime, network show in the USA when I worked on "Live to Dance" on CBS. Most recently I was the host of the first season of "The Bachelor Australia", returning to Australia in winter 2014 for Season 2. In September 2013 I celebrated my twentieth year career in broadcasting by launching "The Osher Günsberg Podcast" to great acclaim.


I am vegan, practice yoga and am a passionate marathon runner and cyclist. I am enthusiastic about positive lifestyle choices and the impact that nutrition education and exercise can have on quality of life.
An accomplished photographer, I had my first solo exhibition in Sydney in 2010.