Pablo Macías Bou

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 11

Pablo Macías Bou
Independent Senior Consultant On Cities & Urban Sustainable Development
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Madrid

I was referred to THNK Raul Orejas.


I am a restless and innovative person, who seeks to learn from others and to live enriching experiences. For me, projects, whether large or small, have to have meaning, social and an economic impact upon themselves.


Born in Madrid, I have had the opportunity to live and work in Chile (3 years), USA (1) and of course, Spain, where I now reside with my wife and three children. I adore Madrid, its vitality, its diversity and The Retiro Park.


Since University, I have been very attracted to the public world, the role of governments in boosting activity, as a guarantee of sustainable and balanced development for all. I'm interested in how to help administrations rigorously and effectively implement policies and commitments for all citizens.


With more than 16 years´ experience in consulting at PwC, I have led a wide range of initiatives and projects. For the last four years, I have focused my efforts as a partner on issues related to cities and sustainable urban development.


We live in the fabulous age of cities (Urban Age). Most of the problems that concern humanity (unemployment, climate change, inequality, social segregation, pollution, etc.) are essentially in cities and therefore solutions pass through them. Cities play an enormously important role in an increasingly urbanized world and the complexity of their management requires highly innovative, collaborative and participatory approaches to face challenges they confronted with.


I led the internal PwC initiative of integrated sustainable urban development, coordinated a team of consultants, architects, sociologists, economists, environmentalists and technologists to define a methodology for the strategic design of future models for cities. Now, I have made the decision to focus my professional development in this field and have decided to set up my own consulting model, with elements that differ from traditional consulting (less bureaucratic and hierarchical, more diverse, transparent and collaborative).


I face the Urban city world with fresh eyes, respect for traditional methods, while looking for new, creative and innovative ways to enter into and keep step with the fast pace of the future and its astounding technology.