Patrícia Jesus

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 05

Patrícia Jesus
OOH Experience and Retail Marketing Manager
I am based in: Lisbon
Other projects and organizations include: Oceanário de Lisboa and Oceano Azul Foundation

I’m a passionate marketer who has worked for Unilever for 16 years, with FMCG brands in different segments/markets, such as personal care (Dove), beverages (Lipton) and ice cream (Olá, Magnum, Carte D’Or, Cornetto). I have also recently embraced the big and exciting challenge of being responsible for the communication department at Oceanário de Lisboa and Oceano Azul Foundation.

My passion is to bring purpose to the brands I’ve worked with, making them closer to people by better meeting people's needs, always focusing on customer experience and engagement, while at the same time keeping in mind what’s in it for the company and maximizing the return.

In this new assignment, my main driver is to work with a purpose, looking for a change in people's behavior when it comes to ocean conservation and contributing to build a “blue generation”.

I get inspiration from several places, like Instagram, pinterest, “trends” (fashion, design, retail), travel, friends, cultural experiences, work and brainstorming sessions.