Patrícia Santana Silva

EMERGE - Class 06

Patrícia Santana Silva
Desenvolvimento de Lideranças de Impacto Social
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
I am based in: São Paulo, Brazil
THNK connection: THNKer , EMERGE - Class 06

After my Bachelor of Laws, I joined Projeto Gauss as a mentor and volunteer. Gauss is a nonprofit organization that supports the development of underprivileged youngsters with scholarships in preparatory courses, mentorship and multidisciplinary support.

This connection with education and social impact encouraged me to transition my career from the private and corporate sector to work with social impact at the Lemann Foundation, where I lead the management of a network of more than 600 social impact leaders.

I am highly engaged in the topics of education, leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and have a strong passion for encouraging young people to dream. I also believe in working to remove barriers preventing people from accessing the best opportunities and reaching their highest potential. Personally, I strongly believe that education is the key to reduce inequalities and to promote a better world.