Patrick Dulay

THRIVE - Class 03

Patrick Dulay
Founder & CEO
My pronouns are: he/him/his
I am based in: Manila, Philippines
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I’m an entrepreneur and a startup enabler and the Founder and CEO of The Spark Project, the first and only crowdfunding website and community for creative and conscious entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

As a lifelong learner and teacher, my passion for education and entrepreneurship inspires me to serve entrepreneurs by providing them access to tools and resources that help them accelerate their business ideas into reality.

I studied my undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems at the Ateneo de Manila University in 2005, then took up a masters in Global E-Business at the University of Lille, France in 2010. Afterwards, I worked for a Paris-based online startup, then returned to Manila to start The Spark Project. I completed my second master’s degree in Entrepreneurship specializing in Social Enterprise and Development at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in 2020. I’m an alumnus of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum and the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative of the U.S. State Department.

When not working, I like to binge-watch Apartment Therapy and IKEA videos on YouTube, and plan the next home improvement project for my cozy 48 square foot condo unit in the heart of Metro Manila.