Patrick Leenheers

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 01

Patrick Leenheers
Program Director & Faculty
My experience and deep interests:

Since I was 12 years old I have had two passions. One is technology and innovation: I started programming BASIC on my VIC20 home computer, I studied Management of Technology and Innovation, I had a career at Vodafone as a marketer of mobile internet services, and currently, I am deep diving in the transformational potential of A.I. My other passion is playing in a band, performing as a singer and holding the beat together as a drummer. Technology and creativity have been two strands throughout my life and I have been practicing both ever since.

At THNK, I am a program director for Corporate Innovation Programs. I drive change by helping my clients define Innovation Challenges, rallying people around them and building momentum through Innovation & Learning programs. I have done programs across industries: Logistics, Financial Services, Telco, Energy, Pharma, e-Commerce.

I love it when I see people become stronger innovators. And I also love it when the people I serve see their projects through and start manifesting their vision. I believe that as leaders if we provide a clear and purposeful direction, safety and personal support, teams can achieve anything.

My dream engagements are where I partner with a client for multiple years to build a DNA of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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