Patti-Jo Wiese

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 03

Patti-Jo Wiese
Business Coach, Marketing Strategy, Branding Visionary
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Vancouver


Marketing strategy, personal branding, video direction, intergenerational leadership, and executive coaching... that's where I love to play. These make me an unconventional, modern and effective business consultant.

I guide professionals through the complicated landscape of marketing and community building. Together we bring out the creativity and meaning in your unique voice. As you rebrand... you talk less about "who you are" and more about "what you care about". My goal is to drive you business by meeting clients on common ground. That is where the magic happens. Community engagement and trust building are at the centre of it all.

As a CTI trained Executive Coach, I work with senior leaders to craft innovative, cause driven marketing campaigns as a part of their personal branding process.

As a member of the THNK community, I am deeply passionate about innovation, change management with a view to tackling the world's greatest problems from a business perspective.

I bring some great stories from both film and television production, PR, entrepreneurship through several of my own business ventures: Owner/ VP: Digital Film Group post production facility, Founder: Whistler Filmmaker's Forum / Whistler Film Festival, Founder of, a social network for children/ youth.

Previously, I marketed film technology and educational initiatives for international independent filmmakers, conceptualized and presented at global film markets/ festivals. I guided an executive team in the financing of Vancouver based web start-up, and worked as a business coach/ facilitator for youth entrepreneurs.