Pedro Camarote

Pedro Camarote
Mestre em Filosofia (Master in Philosophy)
My experience and deep interests:
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I have been interested in working with educational projects since having done my degree in philosophy. From that time, I have been looking for different experiences in the field - having worked as a trainee in a governmental project that involved neighborhoods from São Paulo in the process of deciding how to use public investment. I then developed projects for an NGO that involved poor communities in São Paulo in the process of complementary education for children and adults.


I have also worked as a high school philosophy teacher. In those 4 years I had the opportunity to develop a project that had students doing studies and work in social exclusion. They were doing experimental learning and working as volunteers in the NGO Um Teto Para Meu Pais. We had the first group of high school students that fund-raised money to build houses inside the poorest communities in São Paulo.


In this same moment of my professional life, I was also working in a small consultancy that helps educational institutions build their brand and improve their business model, as well as their management and communication. From 2011 to 2012 I took part in the organization of the 7th Circulo de abuelos y abuelas sábias del planeta. This circle of “wise elders” is a spiritual movement that meets every year to exchange knowledge and preserve ancient cultures. From 2011 to 2014 I concluded his masters in political philosophy and since 2012 I have been helping to establish an alternative school based in São Paulo, where I develop programs, projects and partnerships.

I really believe that education is one of the most important bases for real social, cultural, political and economical break-through, and that is something that I am happy to dedicate my life and working time to.

In my personal life, I enjoy my time traveling with my family, I love to go surfing, skating, and do many other sports. My son is one year and a half of pure energy, and that is giving me the drive to keep evolving and developing myself.