Peter de Boer

Peter de Boer
Brand Strategist
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: The Hague
Other projects and organizations include: VODW
THNK connection: Author

Branding within the context of a real sustainable distinctive and compelling creative strategy, that’s my game. Inspiring other people to liberate themselves from the conventions within their industry. Inviting, stimulating and helping them to break the rules and reshaped them in a beautiful and irresistible way, fitting their own personalities, dreams, and goals.

In this way, brands will come to life, will grow, will blossom, will make the difference in a world where beauty, humanity and the smile will be the deal-makers of tomorrow.

I studied the history of art at Leiden University, got my Ph.D. in the technical sciences at the technical university of Delft, studying the art of perspective drawing. I am a consultant, entrepreneur, and artist.

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