Philia Lijdsman

Philia Lijdsman
Co-founder & Chief Solution Specialist
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Rotterdam
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 14

I always lived my life at 120%. Already from a young age, I wanted to experience everything and also be good at it at the same time, which, being a parent now myself, I can imagine drove my parents completely crazy at times...getting enthusiastic about 100 different things doesn’t exactly help in choosing your next step, but my love for numbers resulted in me doing my Bachelor and Master in Applied Physics at the TU Delft.

I always knew that one day I wanted to start my own company, but always believed I had to learn and experience more before I ‘knew enough’. So I started down the corporate path. First in production at Unilever in the Netherlands and later for SHV in business development at Mammoet Singapore and managing a gear and actuation business for ERIKS in Houston.

Back in the Netherlands, I had a growing feeling that the life I was living and the choices I made in the past just happened instead of that I chose them. And over the years I learned to focus my energy and attention to the things I am most passionate about. I want to make people happy using what I’m really good at - solving problems. Therefore I founded, together with a good friend, Bricklayers. We will focus on scale-ups with a product or service aimed at making this world a little bit better, safer or cleaner. While growing they have always focused on their core business and now realize that the rest of their business hasn't kept up with that growth and ambition. We will help them to be ready for the next step. For me THNK is the perfect way to both strengthen my personal skills and give Bricklayers the boost it needs to even better help our customers regain control and grow again.