Prudence Muchinouta

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 18

Prudence Muchinouta
Finance and Operations Executive
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lusaka, Zambia
Other projects and organizations include: COP26 GENDER DAY PRESIDENCY EVENT and CLIMATE CHANGE - RACE TO ZERO

I'm a Zimbabwean National residing in Zambia.

I was privileged to hold leadership positions from primary school through University. The responsibilities I carried through these positions, accompanied by my active participation in sports, taught me a great sense of balance at an early age. After joining the professional world, I realised that most of my discipline, determination and balance was attributed to the experience I had gained in my early stages.

I serve as Chief Financial Officer for Community Markets for Conservation, a social enterprise that seeks to preserve wildlife, forests and the environment, providing alternative solutions to enhance and improve the livelihoods of rural communities in Zambia. I am passionate about empowering young girls, esupporting women business entrepreneurs and climate change. I work to support women, bridging the gap around finance, accountability and representation. My professional life gives me exposure to environments dominated by men, being accountable for decisions I make, and participating in capital fundraising and climate mitigation solutions. With this exposure and confidence, I built skills and gained knowledge. Now, I take and impart these lessons to women I interact with on other platforms, providing mentorship, guidance and support in their endeavours.

I'm passionate about farming and also dance and music. I like to travel, as well as play and watch sports. I personally play tennis, hockey and golf, and follow F1 Racing, Tennis, Cricket and football. I deeply value honesty and commitment.