Regine Zamor

Regine Zamor
Managing Partner
My experience and deep interests:
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 12

I am an entrepreneur, a freelance writer, and producer.  I am filled with ideas and make things that seem complicated palatable.  My happy place is within strategizing, creating, and new business development.  My journey has been diverse, and I am always grateful that I was able to learn from industries like advertising, community newspaper, print magazine, grant funded education programs, and international development.  Through this range of experience, across the US and Haiti, I’ve learned valuable skills; and ultimately, I’ve been able to blossom into a unique professional.  As an evolving spirit, I enjoy creating new constructs that empower, transform, and inspire – especially when it comes to my work.


As, co-founder and managing partner of Ayiti Nexus, a Haitian development firm, my team and I are at the cusp of completing an organizational restructuration.  My goal in starting the firm was to provide a space for smart, Haitian-led development in a static donor-dominated atmosphere.  The firm has experienced several growth-spurts in the past two years and is positioned to steadily expand in the coming months and years.  My role too is changing, which is where the THNK program comes in.


Ayiti Nexus will be my lab during THNK.  I intend to put into practice the tools and knowledge acquired from the program towards this important juncture at the firm.  In addition, I was recently inspired into developing another venture that spans across my passion for music, cultural anthropology and intellect.  Through the THNK program I hope to understand the potential for scaling my endeavors and the logical next steps in my professional and educational path.