Richard Kooloos

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 11

Richard Kooloos
 Head of Sustainable Banking
I am based in: Amsterdam


I am a tenacious optimist and that is quite convenient when you are transforming a 20.000+ company to become more sustainable. Educated as an Business Engineer (Industrial Engineering & Business Administration) I have been working in the financial sector for 20 years. The last 10 years in sustainability, first as CEO of a bank solely focused on 'green projects' and subsequently as head of sustainability at ABN AMRO. I have lived & worked in Brazil for a couple of years (still in love with the country) and worked in  Germany, Sweden and the UK. Currently living and working in The Netherlands.


To keep in touch with the pulse of innovation, I am (through supervisory roles) involved with several start-ups, focusing on renewable energy. Of course my house is full of sustainable technology like solar panels, solar heating, led lighting and domotica and I have been driving a full electric car since 2012; one of the very first in the country.


I am a strong advocate of the transition to a circular economy, heading up an ambition work stream on this subject with the Dutch Central Bank. I am also a corporate activist for Human Rights, applying the 'Ruggie Framework' every day; as well as a proud participant of the COP21; Member of Worldconnectors, and board member of Global Compact Netherlands.


Having a positive impact on the people I work with, the clients we serve and the society we live in is what makes me tick.


Passionate about travelling, water sports, tennis and golf, but first and foremost my family.