Rita Valadas

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 04

Rita Valadas
Advisor to the Board
I am based in: Lisbon

I work for pleasure in social intervention on social complex problems. In a globalised world in constant change, I believe in proximity-based solutions and integrated care with interdisciplinary planning, even out of the box. Considering myself a “doer”, a solution-oriented professional focused on achieving goals, I face any task in a serious and rigorous way. I advocate a torn vision about problems, flexibility in building solutions and the abolition of dogmas in intervention.

My active listening skills and capacity to adapt to specific contexts allows me to add value to any team and contribute to find the answers on the ground and beyond the problem. In the animal world I admire the octopus as a team image. They represent an alert head with strong and cohesive tentacles that always work together. Using game as a metaphor I would say that I like to build multi-faceted puzzles for integrated change.

I seek silence to listen to myself, sun and water to energise and I like to travel to learn, mingle and talk, cinema, music and reading. I believe we are all responsible for a better world.