Roberta Treno

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 08

Roberta Treno
Humanistic Coach and Facilitator
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon

When I was six, I had it all clear: I would be a fashion stylist, an illustrator, or a fire-fighter; to highlight beauty, to tell stories, or to save lives. In a certain way, I can say I'm trying to do all of that.

I grew up in Italy with a view of the Swiss Alps, in a family from the South where there was always room for an extra guest on the couch or at the table, filled with food, but also with stories.

Thirsty for new stories, I devoured books and went to university, studying Modern Languages and Literatures (Hispano-American and Portuguese). Fate brought me to Lisbon in 2001. In 2006, the love for the city brought me back and, being a woman of passion, since 2008, a Portuguese made me stay.

I worked in multinational companies for over 10 years as an Accountant, Program Specialist, and Operations Manager. There, I felt the need for a profound change in the way we conduct relationships (and business), especially in big companies. For this reason, I dedicated time to study new ways and new paths: humanistic coaching, storytelling, dragon dreaming, children's illustration, non-violent communication, and more to come.

Nowadays, I work as a Humanistic Coach and Facilitator, willing to touch hearts and souls. I share the journey of my clients to become more authentic and truer to my real self. My aim is to become more human, to become a humanizer, as I do believe in the power of the ripple effect.