Robin van Rooij

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 07

Robin van Rooij
SR Brand Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam


I think the world is a playground with many opportunities to add positive experiences by connecting the right people.


With a background in various FMCG companies, I have been with Red Bull now for the last six and a half years where I worked in different national and international brand marketing positions.  In all my roles, creativity, innovation & strategy have played a vital part.  From consulting colleagues, to actively contributing to and managing different marketing projects.  My latest assignment was developing the marketing plan for Red Bull the Netherlands, which has been recognized as a “best case” plan. Currently I am working on several national and international pilot projects.


Besides my field of work, it’s also my passion to read and my natural interest in people, that shaped my vision to be relevant by doing good for both business and people. This should be in each company’s DNA and the main driver for each stakeholder.  Add value to someone’s life and results will follow, is what I believe in.


I will join the program with an open mind and will aim to be a valuable contributor. Moreover I am looking forward to exploring how THNK will further shape my future life and career.  In the meantime I practice boxing,  running, swimming and mindfulness to keep my balance.