Rodria Laline

Rodria Laline
Visiting Faculty
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: New York
THNK connection: Faculty

I am chairman and independent non-executive director to lead the board and to partner with management to lead the company. In the early years of my career the central focus was on innovation and R&D with IBM, ING, HP, Digital Equipment Corporation, Elsevier and Philips. I was member of Oracle General Management, GIIC thought leader at Global Information Infrastructure Commission, co-founder of the 1st Internet payment system in the Netherlands and board member of the Open Software Foundation. For the many entrepreneurial endeavors, the family physically moved 22 times over planet earth. I’ve worked and lived in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Africa, Spain and North-America. Presently, I am Chair and founder of Intrabond Capital with offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Royal Van Puijenbroek Textile. I learn every day what cross border governance, border-spanning leadership, strategic management and strategy execution means. Personally, I take great interest in (1) the political trilemma of the world economy to recast the globalization narrative affecting global markets, nation state governance and democratic leadership; (2) the connectedness mindset in the digital transformation of business ecosystems in which cryptocurrency, cyber security and blockchain come to surface; and (3) pre-sensing the future. With a university degree in molecular chemistry and quantum physics, I am interested in mind and matter in the universe, genome engineering, and DNA reading and writing algorithms. In my role as professor and academic director of the MYBP board governance program at Harvard there is therefore enough to share.