Romas Stukenberg

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 10

Romas Stukenberg
Founding Partner
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Berlin
Other projects and organizations include: The Human Enterprise and Creative Leadership Salon

Having been born into a family of architecture on my mum's side and art of my father's side, I got to internalize two poles of creativity from the cradle: A structural, systematic approach here and an uninhibited, unleashed one there. Eventually, this education led me to art school and to the realm of design which incorporates qualities of both worlds of creativity.

Throughout my journey, I became a firm believer in the societal power of art and design – and to me, this power still feels widely untapped when it comes to shaping social business, a sustainable economy, or imagining a meaningful future. I am dedicating my energy to activate this very potential of Creative Intelligence.

Initially focusing on the design of tangible communication, I moved to designing strategic narratives, experiences, and systems. Or in other words: Designing businesses and their leadership by means of design. I do so as a co-founder and consultant with NAMENAME Creative Partners. Likewise, I am a Founding Partner of a range of entrepreneurial initiatives which all do their part in evolving the consciousness of the world of business:

  • The Creative Leadership Salon is an event series for social entrepreneurship that our team hosts every six weeks in Munich, Germany.
  • The Human Enterprise is a think tank for the aesthetics and ethics of business.
  • Artistic Intelligence is an entrepreneurial initiative that enables leaders and businesses to learn from the field of the arts. Artistic Intelligence offers services in organizational development, strategic consulting, and leadership development – all based on an approach of applying knowledge and methodology from the field of the arts to strategic business challenges, and establishing collaboration between businesses and personalities from the realm of the arts.

Being a native German, I currently split my time between Berlin and Porto. Before having started my own company, I undertook a journey of exploring what design can do. This pursuit brought me to Paris, Bremen, Geneva, and New York. In Geneva, I joined a design think tank which bundled manifold disciplines to address urban development and place identity from a standpoint of civic design. This experience of working hand in hand with scientists, architects, and artists to answer pressing social questions ultimately brought me to THNK, which lifts this vision up to a global scale of entrepreneurship.