Roshan Paul

Roshan Paul
My experience and deep interests:
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A former cricket journalist (and failed cricket player), I've spent my life questioning the status quo, and have built a career around connecting global citizens to solve social problems across boundaries. I co-founded the Amani Institute, a new model of higher education that develops talent to solve 21st-century problems, with these values in mind. Amani Institute, which seeks to create the equivalent of medical school or military training for the social sector, received significant accelerator support from the THNK community. After a successful launch in Kenya, it is now preparing to expand to Brazil.


The seeds of Amani were cultivated while I worked at Ashoka for more than seven years, where I designed and launched five new programs and managed two other global projects. These included Ashoka’s Peace Initiative (supporting social entrepreneurs in conflict zones) and the Globalizer program (helping social entrepreneurs scale up their innovations). I have written extensively on the topic of scaling up social entrepreneurship.


Born in Bangalore, India, I have a Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a Bachelor’s in International Political Economy from Davidson College (a degree I self-designed). At Harvard, I trained with Dr. Marshall Ganz in the storytelling techniques that went on to transform the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign in 2008. Since then I have been conducting “storytelling for social change” workshops with leading non-profits and universities, including inculcating it as the storytelling methodology used at THNK. Along with Dr. Ganz, I co-created a new course on negotiating narrative conflict called Public Narrative: Conflict, Continuity, Change.


I have guest-lectured at over a dozen universities in the United States and Europe, including Harvard, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins SAIS, and HEC Business School Paris, and have served on the Advisory Boards of several organizations working in peace building and education. My writing has been published in Forbes, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, MIT's Innovations Journal, India Today, as well as in the recent book, Dream of a Nation.


I have studied and worked on every continent (aside from Antarctica, where I hope to travel next). A self-declared “cricket junkie”, I also love good writing and fusing cuisines together in unexpected ways.


I am the author of the novel Such a Lot of World.