Rosita Manrique

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 16

Rosita Manrique
Founder, CEO and Facilitator
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Bogota

I am Rosita, Co-Founder, CEO, and facilitator of Origen Leadership community, a Colombian non-profit organization, focused on identifying, empowering, and connecting high impact and diverse leaders.

I am a mother, a happy wife, a passionate Colombian, an artist, a traveler, reader, dancer, and maybe in the future, a writer.

I studied advertisement and marketing, but without expecting it, I ended up working in our family business (a Real Estate development company) for 17 years. During those years of an amazing experience, I grew up as a professional, I lived first-handed the challenges of leading your own company and making it grow in a very difficult environment. Those years gave me resilience, structure, and a business-oriented profile.

In 2008 I began a new chapter in my life. I was certified as a life coach, we sold our company and with a group of colleagues, I decided to begin a new adventure: create a national leadership school and network, with the purpose of empowering and connecting a new generation of leaders for our country.

The last 11 years have been rich in exploring, learning by doing, meeting brave and amazing people, re-inventing myself every day and living a life full of purpose and passion.