Sabrina Bellotti

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 11

Sabrina Bellotti
Senior Technical Marketing Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: San Francisco


I dream to live in a world that is profitable, sustainable, equal and ethical, where everything is possible, especially for women.


As a technologist, I worked as a product and business development manager in the cyber security space, managing global projects and teams in Israel, UK, and India while working in Silicon Valley. After 20 years of experience working for successful technology companies, I wanted to challenge myself by taking some time off to revisit me values and ultimately mu career.


I am adventurous and driven by an inner curiosity that brought me to experience different cultures and cultivate multiple interests. I grew up in Italy where I got my engineering degree and started working as a software engineer in Milan. I then received a job offer from Cisco Systems to ​work in California; I accepted the offer, left my current ​job, my friends and family to start a new experience and a​ new chapter in my life.


I completed a Master in International and Development Economics at University of San Francisco while I was still working for Cisco. I spent 3 months is Africa (Uganda) to conduct a field research study to evaluate the impact of child sponsorship programs. I collected experimental data, designed and administrated quantitative surveys working in collaboration with Compassion International.


Last year I joined eXXpedition as an ambassador and crewmember. eXXpedition is an all-female crew on scientific research sailing the world’s oceans with the mission to explore the issue of plastic, chemical and endocrine disruptors in our personal and global environment. As a wild and competitive sailor, I have been close to the ocean and its issues throughout the years.


I now feel inspired by the opportunity to embrace values like education, social responsibility, empowerment, and passion in my career, and I am motivated to contribute to the society both ​personally and professionally. My interests evolve around education and​ women empowerment, ​circular economy, design thinking and innovation. I enjoy being inspired by creative individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds who share a passion for making the world a better place.