Sacha Muller

Sacha Muller
Endeavor Coach
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: Business Coach

Building and growing a business is exciting and challenging. It can really feel like a roller-coaster sometimes. I help companies and their leadership make sense of it all by helping them think through their value proposition, (digital) business model, and strategy. Together, we make sure they are solving a real problem for their customers and for the world so that the business can grow in a sustainable way. As an independent strategy consultant and coach, I focus on future-oriented leadership, for the company and the people in it: how are they helping the world become a better place?

In the 15+ years I have been working with businesses, as a (digital) strategy consultant (at McKinsey amongst others), but also in business development and line management, I have seen how much positive energy is created when a company has a real mission and is successful. Energy that can be used to do a lot of good. That’s why I want to help businesses get and keep that fly-wheel going. To create a better world through companies that not only respect their environment but also want to set an example and develop solutions that will benefit us all. This is what I call Future Leadership.

The other component of Future Leadership is people. We need leaders who are not only able to get things done, but also take a holistic approach in setting the vision and taking action. People with a strong compass and the flexibility to re-calibrate when needed. This requires skills like social intelligence, creativity, intuition, humility, and collaboration alongside more "traditional" skills such as focus, critical thinking, and decisiveness. That is why I am also a coach and trainer for executives and future leaders.

By combining a curious mind, associative thinking, a genuine interest in people and a general passion for life, I can quickly get on board and start asking the right questions. Questions that will help clarify how a business or person can truly make a difference for the future. Because the world needs it and we can do it.