Salmaan Sana

Salmaan Sana
My pronouns are: he/him/his
My experience and deep interests:
Other projects and organizations include: Salmaan Sana Consulting and TED Amsterdam
THNK connection: Faculty

For the past fifteen years, I have used my curiosity to help teams and organisations develop their leadership, work effectively together and find ways to create more inclusive collaborative working environments. Realising that our time on this Earth is finite, how can we collectively make the most of it? How do we want to make this world better, and what legacy do we leave behind? I am fascinated by what moves us individually and what connects us as human beings.

I currently sit on the board member of TEDxAmsterdam, which gives a stage to those with impactful ideas to help craft their story and spread them as wide as possible. As a consultant, I often step in with one foot in an organisation, head the cultivation of the intended culture, develop personal leadership, and build cohesion across the different teams.As a speaker: I focus on topics such as how to change Company Culture, Transforming Frustrations and increasing action around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

My life has been quite a journey, and I’ve experienced the rougher side too. These experiences have shaped me as an individual and have consistently reminded me of taking fate into my own hands and what it takes to make bold decisions for oneself and those around you.I live in the South of Amsterdam, a city home to me, where you will find me commuting through the city on my bike, where I love to dabble in writing, cross fit and kickboxing.