Samira Zafar

EMERGE - Class 02

Samira Zafar
Partnerships & Program Developer
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
I am based in: The Hague
THNK connection: THNKer , EMERGE - Class 02

A journey should never be just a straight line. In life, we all need the occasional detour or feel the fear of getting lost. So that’s why I studied not just one discipline, but a few; traveled more and less than I would’ve wanted; dove headfirst in some waters but only dipped my toes in others.

All these experiences have taught me one thing: I thrive when I get to share and experience stories – of my own, but also those of others. I have done so in my jobs with a strategic undercurrent (advising Dutch parliament on social developments) and through the development and ideation of innovative finance (here’s looking at you, impact bonds). Combining creative energy with abstract thinking is fun, even more so when you actually get the chance to try your hand and it. But the learning doesn’t and shouldn’t stop.

At Nuffic, I get to pour my heart and soul into partnership building between governments, networks, and knowledge institutions, all across the world. To me, creating new alliances is connecting (and sometimes reconnecting) with people. That’s what I strive for in my own leadership journey, and what I look most for in others; those who share their inspiration and creative energy freely, pushing others to new levels and helping them grow.