Sanderine van Odijk

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 16

Sanderine van Odijk
Senior Venture Builder
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Utrecht
Other projects and organizations include: Zero Waste Living Lab and Nomination Amsterdammer of the Year

I'm an entrepreneurial go-getter originally from the Netherlands. Early on in my career, I experienced the power of social entrepreneurship to create scalable impact for people and planet, harvesting solar energy for local communities. Ever since, I've become absolutely passionate about creating positive system change by developing, piloting and scaling impactful business models.

In my current role as Senior Venture Builder at Enviu (, I lead a versatile and talented team to tackle the global plastic ocean crisis by building disruptive Reuse business models in Indonesia and the Netherlands. Before joining Enviu, I was part of the (founding) management team of Metabolic, a consultancy and venture builder for the circular economy. I originally have an MSc in Environmental Science from Utrecht University.

When I'm not chasing circular business models, I play clarinet in my gypsy jazz band touring living rooms and festivals. Nature calls me regularly and I enjoy being outside: walking, hiking and biking through ever-changing landscapes together with my family.