Sandra Boer

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 13

Sandra Boer
Founding Partner
I am based in: Amsterdam

As founder and director of Art Partner my daily work consists of bringing several worlds together. The worlds of artists and CEO’s, managers and employees. The worlds of embracing insecurity and excluding insecurity. The worlds of …… But within all those worlds we work with people who want to have impact, who are open for change and new insights. It is our dream that one day all companies should find it normal and necessary to always work with artists. To work together on relevant themes and projects, to keep management and employees in sharp focus, to ask the questions no one ever asks, to surprise and to connect, and to co-create and work together on actual and important themes of today and of the future. For the past 10 years we worked with almost 50 different organisations and over 50 artists. The imagination, creativity and powerful skills of the artists were essential in convincing people within these organisations to embrace new realities.

Over the past five years we had the opportunity to work with several artists on one of the most impactful programmes on cultural diversity for VU school of medical sciences and on personal leadership journeys through storytelling for KPMG. It is my endeavour for THNK to work on a programme in which we translate our experience so that other organisations can benefit. My background is in anthropology. Bringing the worlds of anthropology, arts and business together has been an incredible journey. I am looking forward to taking the next step.

I founded Art Partner with Robert Tordoir, who is also my life partner and father of our three children. In my youth I played golf for the national team for 10 years. Although I don’t play competitively anymore, I still very much enjoy playing and I enjoy playing an active role in our youth programme. And I have been involved in several boards in the cultural sector. The past years as a supervisory board member of the ‘Nederlandse Vereniging Toezicht Cultuur’ (NVTC).