Sandra Claassen

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 09

Sandra Claassen
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam


I am an environmental engineer from Wageningen University. After having worked on environmental issues for several years, I shifted to the issue of trafficking in human beings while working in Colombia, Latin America. The main reason why I want to fight and combat this crime is because trafficking in human beings is a serious violation of human rights. It is terrible that this type of modern day slavery is still happening nowadays, also in the Netherlands. At FairWork, the aim is to focus on informing and supporting potential victims, so that they can claim their rights and get out of their exploitative situation. Furthermore, the organisation provides trainings, and works on awareness raising and advocacy.


My work is my passion: I love working in a non profit organisation where I can make a difference, on an issue that is socially important. I also enjoy working with a team of motivated professionals and volunteers, from different ages and backgrounds. I see it as my personal challenge to search for their strengths and motivate them in their personal development. Another challenge regarding the organisation is its financial stability. Fundraising is a big part of my work, and until now, FairWork has been too dependent on project funding. They have not found the financial stability yet, but are working on it selling trainings and establishing contacts with the private sector as well.


One of my dreams for the future is to work as a director at a Primary school. I love children and think my work experience can be of value there too. In the coming years I would love to stay at FairWork and continue the fight against THB in the Netherlands.


I am currently living and working in Amsterdam, and a single mum with two daughters of 13 and 6 years old, who give me a lot of joy and happiness!