Sandra Geisler

Sandra Geisler
Faculty & Coach
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Other projects and organizations include: Lighthorse International
THNK connection: Business Coach, Faculty

I am passionate about transforming behavior; unleashing the true potential, developing new behavior, and reaching desired outcomes.

For the last 15 years, I have supported senior leaders, top teams, and organizations in their transformation efforts. I have developed a framework that proved to be impactful and leads to immediate lasting behavior change and reaching desired outcomes from the inside out.

I support leaders in becoming more natural and resourceful and effective in their approach. I support teams to build trust and alignment, to use their talents more wisely, and overcome gaps and limiting patterns to be more coherent, effective, and productive. I support organizations in their change efforts and help them to align, execute and renew themselves. Connecting the strategy and culture with its leadership and focusing on the right behavior and systems to support the change.

In my approach, I am grounded, able to discuss "soft" themes clearly and distinctly. I have an eye for what is happening below the surface. I am able to translate insights directly to day-to-day reality.

I have a background in performance & competence management, leadership development, strategies that create value.

I have worked for KPMG and as director of Leaders for Nature IUCN. I worked with 20 well-known organizations in the Netherlands on the executive board level, director level, and professional level and supported their change efforts across the organization.

In 1997 I founded the Salon Tête-à-tête. I bring leaders together at unique locations with eminent guest speakers to facilitate the dialogue on relevant issues at a dinner table.

I have a master's degree in organizational psychology and strategic management. I studied at the University of Amsterdam and the University of California Berkeley.

I am German and have been growing up in the Netherlands. I have been raised with an international perspective and studied abroad. I speak Dutch, German, and English.