Sara Morais Pinto

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 02

Sara Morais Pinto
I am based in: Lisbon


For 14 years I have been in associations working on the strategic vision for the design and management of social projects; having also consolidated a network of partners, financial and other. I also worked on framing the role of the organization CAIS in society, which led to studies around the benefit of its existence and its impact on its users.


I am a team player who feels my strengths lie in collaboration, and engaging each member of the team for the success of a project. I am a person who values transparency and confidence in the employment relationship and establishing true partnership relations, since they build trust and understanding. Based on my experience within the social reality of Portugal, I look at the management of social projects with initiative and creativity, finding the right strategies and defining clear objectives, never forgetting the need for prosperity. I do not act only as a coordinator or facilitator in the implementation of social projects, but also as a holistic part of the process, getting involved as a person and not just as a professional.


Happily married with four children, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by them and my wonderful friends, all of whom support and encourage me in my various stages of life. With that support structure and a wealth of experience, I am passionate about gathering organizational and civic participation around social causes and our balance with nature.