Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray
U.S. Director
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Colorado
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A global authority on women’s sport, I have spent two decades promoting gender inclusion and equity in sport. Wearing the Women Win jersey since 2009, I am currently the Programs Director for the Amsterdam-based global organization working to empower adolescent girls to exercise their rights through sport. In this role, I oversee the innovation and tool development, regranting and assessing impact portfolio. I have played sport with fiercely passionate women in over 50 countries on 6 continents.


Prior to joining Women Win, I spent 10 years as the Web Producer for the Women’s Sports Foundation – a nonprofit started by Billie Jean King focused on gender equity in sport. My editorial leadership secured the top Google result for “women’s sports” and made the organizations the most highly trafficked women’s sport site on the Internet.


My writing has appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers and books, including, Women’s Adventure, The Sacramento Bee and Superwomen. I authored the GoGirlGo! Curriculum, which won the U.S. National Health award and the International Guide to Designing Sport Programs for Girls - the first in a series of open-sourced guides aimed at helping organizations build safe, supported sports programs to address core rights issues. I am particularly energized by the application of design thinking to encourage social innovations to address women’s development and empowerment challenges.


I serve on the Board of Directors for Shirzanan Global and Board of Advisors for Women Deliver and Travel2Change. My work is 100% fueled by her personal love of play. An athlete and competitor at heart, I'm up for any game, any time. I currently live in Amsterdam with my partner, Signe.