Sarah Shaw

Sarah Shaw
Head of Section - Strategy
I am based in: Dubai
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 17

I am an Emirati professional who views herself as a citizen of the world.  This was made possible by allowing change to be constant in my life.  I have moved homes 22 times, lived in 3 cities, studied in 5 schools and was born out of an inter-cultural marriage.  Being a melange personally and visiting many parts of the world and being open to various cultures has enabled me to become such a citizen of the world. 

 My journey has led me to become a passionate soul in the field of human development, strategy and change management.  I believe that having a sustainable vision and a can-do attitude with the right skill set can realize the impossible.  Education is a turnkey to a person’s possibility of achieving his/her maximum potential.  I intend to create a system that allows for that to happen through my efforts in this field. 

I enjoy reading, outdoor adventures and meeting new people all the time!