Sérgio Lopo

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 06

Sérgio Lopo
Fellow & CEO for Portugal
at Qoin
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon

For 20 years I worked in a multinational financial and insurance French group where I was responsible for many business areas, for developing new companies and change management of the core company of the group. This experience was very rich and wide, as I worked in operations, processes, quality, sales, and general management, with projects in several European countries and in Brazil. I finished my working life there as a Country Manager and after that, I felt that it was time to experience entrepreneurship.

I started as an entrepreneur three years ago and the experience of working on my own is completely different, with many new challenges but also very rich by getting in touch with so many different people, business, and realities.

The world is changing so fast and so is business. My main drive now is to understand these changes and work in projects with social impact for the improvement of my surrounding.

I am also a musician and music allows me to express my emotions, feelings, and to connect with people. Connecting with people is very important to me, facilitating the life of all around, in business and personally.