Seyma Karakaya

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 17

Seyma Karakaya
Owner of Taak Bewind & KR Holding BV
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Everything that happened in my life happened to form the 'ME' who is writing these words.

I was born and raised in Utrecht, the Netherlands where I currently reside. During my early years, I was bereft of the assistance I craved and felt unable to communicate my needs effectively. I wanted to help others, and every passion and vocation I pursued since then was in the hopes of providing the helping hand I always desired myself. Here my passion intersects with my personal life: my perpetual optimism towards humanity and knowing we can all work towards a brighter future. Regardless of what has happened, what is happening right now and what may still happen everything is as it should be.

I've come to define my identity from my own beliefs and values, and my leadership style is then defined by my identity. I believe that by improving my relationship with my team I can also improve the way I lead. I focus on creating an open safe environment for everyone where people can feel free to speak up honestly without fear of judgement or persecution. This openness helps to create a team where people can grow and work together both personally and professionally.

One of my current pursuits is towards writing a book sharing and expressing my ideas about what “love” really means in today’s day and age; the love of nature, the world, and the universe itself. To relax and clear my mind I enjoy walking in the early hours of the day, listening to music, reading a lot of books, and journaling my thoughts and feelings.