Shaan Chaturvedi

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 14

Shaan Chaturvedi
Senior Program Manager & Senior Technical Advisor
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: San Francisco

I was born in the US and my parents in India. As a first-generation American and son of immigrants with my own unique cultural identity, I have developed a strong personal and professional affinity with two ideas that have shaped my passions and my purpose over the past few decades: equity and global citizenry.

As soon as I learned of public health and international development during a course on ‘antipoverty vaccines’ early in my first year of undergraduate studies, I was captivated. A one-hour course on using vaccines to combat diseases of poverty suddenly turned into my singular focus on trying to narrow inequities in health outcomes globally for the past 15 years.

I have spent the last decade trying to help villages, cities, countries, regions, and international institutions combat and control HIV/AIDS through innovative applications of epidemiology to know their epidemics, creation of digital health solutions, turning data into insights, and coaching policy makers and front-line health care workers on how to read and use data. I’ve had the privilege to lead projects and teams throughout the world in these efforts and also lead strategy, operations, and business development for various geographic portfolios and technical domains.

In the next phase of my career, I am hoping to address the barriers that currently impede innovation in and sustainability of public health initiatives by leveraging business frameworks. I am interested in designing new business models to sustain global health initiatives and the people behind it, creating innovative partnerships spanning public and private sectors, and leveraging the power of technological advances to complement the warm bodies who make the world run.

Between all the flights and airports, I get to enjoy the beautiful city of San Francisco which has become home. You can also find me cooking yummy vegetarian meals, tending to my indoor garden, hiking, playing tennis, and DJing.