Sharon Chang

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 02

Sharon Chang
Founder, Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist, Strategist, Designer
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: New York
Other projects and organizations include: yoxi and Future Architects

Hi, my name is Sharon Chang.


I always struggle to find the next thing to say because I believe there must be something more interesting than what I do or where I am from.

Perhaps we can start with how I see myself. I’m a playful nonconformist, a frequent optimist, an intentional outsider and an expert generalist. This combination has led me to pursue what I call a “non-career” – a journey of internal mastery instead of external success.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not rejecting success. I simply want to maintain a high level of humility, so when success does come, I don’t get enslaved by it.

I am trained as an artist, designer and architect. I also have a deep obsession with how money became the way it is. As a result, I experiment with investment as much as I do with creativity, and often find myself attracted to the uncomfortable intersection of art and commerce. I have had some incredible opportunities which brought successes as well as failures. After a couple of decades pushing the boundaries of many fascinating industries, I’ve discovered that I am destined to be a Future Architect.

I know. It’s sounds a bit pompous. But it’s quite instinctual and straight-forward for me. I want to fully engage my talents, skills, experiences and resources to imagine and build a more beautiful future. This isn’t just a mindset or a fancy term for some abstract aspiration. I believe humanity desperately needs to establish a tangible practice of Future Architecture, so we can manifest our collective potential in the face of exponential change.

As a Future Architect, I am committed to developing the specific arts and crafts of this practice as I pursue a diverse range of projects in the capacity of entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, designer, and filmmaker.

What else can I tell you? I live in New York City and travel the world often. I make spectacular martinis so I know I can always go be a bartender if all else fails. I love snow-capped mountains and exotic ice cream. Now, I am going to stop here before I blurt out any dark secret.

Very nice to meet you.


Sharon Chang is Managing Trustee of TTSL Charitable Foundation, Trustee of New York University, Founder of Future Architects, Founder of Yoxi, Founder of 19340, Founder of Living Osa, Co-founder of Greater Studios, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Smiletime, Co-founder and Board Member of Invest Forward, Co-founder of LQD, Board Member of +Pool, Board Member of The Bhutan Foundation, Board Member of Liberty and Justice.

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