Simone van Neerven

Simone van Neerven
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 10

I was referred to THNK by Quirine Eijkman.

I am a mathematician with a passion for people and tech. Anything with data has my interest. I am always trying to simplify stuff and find patterns in anything, even in my daily 15 km bike ride to the office. I can get really excited in finding creative visuals to present the outcomes of my analyses.

I am not afraid to take up complex problems or issues that have been around for many years. I am always looking for ways to innovate (I'm kind of allergic to arguments like ‘but we have always done it this way’) and try to inspire others to become intrapreneurs. I am a true believer in the potential of every colleague, and take the greatest pleasure in working with the people who are actually doing the work, from mechanics to cleaners and pilots to baggage employees.

Some call me a 'corporate disruptor', others call me a 'free soul'. Mostly, I enjoy working with people who dream big, know how to have fun and get things done.

To balance my energy, I play sports daily, from running, to biking and going to the gym. I live in one of the narrow streets of the Jordaan in the heart of Amsterdam, where my two neighbor ‘lease-cats’ await me every evening when I return home from work. On Saturdays I drink champagne with friends, since there is always something to celebrate!