Siri Warren

Siri Warren
Challenge Facilitator
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Oslo
THNK connection: Faculty , AMS Class 03

I am the co-founder of KAMA, associated partner at SoCentral, Challenge facilitator at THNK Lisbon and run DoPurpose Design in Norway. My core competence is concept development and innovation management, where I act as a bridge between different disciplines and stakeholders to ensure the implementation of complex innovation projects. I have broad international experience as a brand and innovation consultant using design thinking methods and the brand as a steering tool for creating new services, experiences or products.


At SoCentral and DoPurpose I lead teams through creative processes, guiding them to be open to the process and to trust the unknown future. As an industrial designer I value an aesthetic approach and my passion lies in really moving ideas forward by making the innovation process physical, implement on common ideas and paying it forward. I believes in systematically and consistently cultivating creativity by building spaces for it in processes.


A recent project is called Pådriv, the city as an innovation platform where I served as the Process manager, designing the innovation processes and facilitating the creative workshops. In Norway I worked on several large brand and identity projects, co-hosted the Oslo edition of DAA – Design-led Innovation For Active Aging on Welfare Technology, aiming to find solutions for Europe’s growing elderly population and function as the Sandpit/Idelab facilitator for the Norwegian Research Council.


Since January 2015 I am the challenge facilitator at THNK Lisbon.


Together with Daniela Krautsack (THNK class 3) I am developing product solutions for seniors. We reconnect generations by combining the value of digital and tangible communication. We use motivational triggers to generate more meaningful conversations within families across distances. Collecting memories, sound bites, stories and milestone moments of the seniors life, KAMA helps preserve memories for the future.