Sirine El Jisr

EMERGE - Class 06

Sirine El Jisr
Consulting Manager
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Dubai
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I'm from North Lebanon, where I was raised, studied, and worked in a bank for seven years. Yes, I used to adore my comfort zone! Three years ago, I got the opportunity to join Deloitte. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that shift in my career and my whole lifestyle.

The time I joined Deloitte and traveled to start my first project, I felt my comfort zone was stolen, it was extremely hard... Days of continuous stress and self-doubt. I regretted the move many times and I just wanted my life back! I refused to give up (ok, to be honest, there was no way to going back :)). I said to myself, I will stay one year at Deloitte and I will go back at my first chance to the banking sector in my country.

But, meanwhile I felt deep inside this shame that I am not up to consultancy level. This feeling pushed me to try hard. And guess what! Next February will be my fourth anniversary at Deloitte! Yes, it took me around two years, but now, I can proudly say: I am a happy, cool consultant who doesn’t need her comfort zone anymore and who gets bored without continuous challenges. This is what consulting is about, no?

I love my job because with every new project, we have a new scope, new client, new team, and new leaders, and the learning curve is just going up. Now, I am moving on with this exciting journey, always looking to learn from each experience and challenge. Moreover, I am trying to get into specialized trainings that will help me to discover my passion and to better shape myself. Already, a deep passion discovered: Making an impact! The idea of being able to add a value to someone’s journey or maybe changing his/her career life gives me this ultimate satisfaction boost. Hopefully, once I reach that point, I will allow myself to say, I am a LEADER!