Sonia Carreno

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 14

Sonia Carreno
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Toronto

Born in Canada, I had two European parents who never quite unpacked their suitcases. We travelled every year to spend the summer months in Spain and Germany. The exposure to other cultures laid a foundation for me that has had a tremendous impact on my journey. I am an entrepreneur at heart and will never stop my pursuit of learning. I have a busy career that I balance with my passion for yoga which I teach on the weekends.

I was given a computer at a young age when screens were still monochromatic and DOS was necessary. I spent hours noodling around with various programs and was absolutely in love with the internet when it arrived. I loved the internet so much, that my entire career has been built on digital media. From my early beginnings as a young entrepreneur helping local businesses gain online presence to working with Fortune 500 brands to develop their strategies online to starting up one of the first search media agencies in Canada, the internet has been my passion. Today, I am honoured to serve as President of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada. I honestly believe sometimes, that my career to date has been taken right out of a Fairy Tale.

The online advertising landscape is changing. Competition has turned up and budgets are tightening. My endeavour is to innovate my business in a sustainable way to enable many more years of service to its members.

I would also like to explore my own growth by broadening my network and immersing myself in a group of highly active thinkers.