Steven Fuller

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 11

Steven Fuller
Creative Head
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Bath


I'm Creative Head of The House, one of the most thought provoking consultancies working with purpose. I have spoken on and have articles published on issues as wide ranging as 'The Future Belongs to Businesses with Purpose', 'Brand v Bland’  to ‘Telling the Purpose Story'. I work across the world with private, third and public sector organisations to help them find, define and unlock the transformational value of purpose.


I set up The House 20 years ago. In our first decade we worked with some of the biggest names in the drinks, retail and entertainment industry, including Jack Daniel’s, Diageo and Swatch.


You learn a lot from working with global brands. Most of all, you learn about yourself and what really matters to you. We looked inside ourselves and realised that we are here to help business and brand become a force for good. Ten years ago, we took the leap and decided to put purpose at the heart of our company - giving up 70% of our turnover in the process. It was a big step and there were moments of huge doubt, but we knew deep down that a strong sense of purpose was linked to business success.


Building our business on purpose has transformed our company and our culture. It’s also helped us to transform the fortunes of our clients and deliver truly meaningful work – work that has been recognised by nine Europe-wide awards.


I wholeheartedly believe that purpose is enlightened self interest - organisations and people are increasingly achieving acclaim by doing work that isn’t about them. My role is to inspire clients to imagine a purpose that is good for shareholders and society, not simply one or the other.