Tali Bielski

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 08

Tali Bielski
Head of Impact Initiatives & Strategic Partnerships
I am based in: Amsterdam

Made in Israel, living in Amsterdam, and an avid traveler in between. My friends and colleagues would describe mas a driven, loyal, and eternally optimistic. And really, really, really, I am a people person.

After spending years working within highly competitive commercial firms in the advertising and communication field, I decided that the time had come to change direction and dedicate my time and expertise to support purpose-driven ideas and businesses.

Today, I am heading impact initiatives and strategic partnerships at a new for-purpose media venture EarthToday (founded by THNK Co-Founder Bas Verhart). In a nutshell, EarthToday's mission is to increase awareness on the state of the planet and accelerate its protection. We are developing an engagement solution, connecting nature protection to the daily routines of consumers at the scale of their interactions with brands.

I am also a proud member of DELITELABS (founded by Christof Hawle, my dear fellow THNK classmate). DELITELABS is a pre-startup school that promotes entrepreneurship among refugees, locals, and recent migrants.