Tanja Tierie

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 15

Tanja Tierie
Tribelead Omnichannel
at ING
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

Although I travel a lot, I try to spend valuable time with my modern family. Next to enjoying this company of the love of my life and three beautiful daughters, you can also find me absorbing stories and knowledge by reading a book or enjoying good food and a glass of wine with friends.

After finishing my MSc degree in Business Administration and enjoying student life to the fullest, I joined ING in 1999 at the innovation incubator New Business Development. Currently, as Tribelead Omnichannel, I am responsible for the customer experience and delivery and innovation of the digital channels of ING Netherlands and Belgium. Next to that, I am a passionate advocate for the agile way of work.

Having experienced the power of being purpose-driven myself, I am advocating the obligation and opportunity ING has to truly act according to its own purpose: "to help people to stay a step ahead in life and business." With the area I am responsible for, we connect to millions of people every day and I am convinced that we can make a serious impact by helping people to make better financial decisions, even though banking is one of the most low-interest areas for most people. During the THNK Executive Leadership Program, I want to find new ways of looking at delivering on this purpose and create exponential impact.