Tawana Zavazava

Tawana Zavazava
Program Manager
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
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I am an education enthusiast who believes that knowledge is truly power and that working on things that no one can take from you brings a freedom that can genuinely transform your life. I firmly believe that we were all created on purpose, and a purpose and a growth mindset is key to unlocking what's on the inside to allow it to authentically overflow to the out.

By nature, I have a heart for mental health, justice, psychology and the regeneration of leaders. I was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. From there, I moved to Canada where I did my BA in Human Rights, and the UK where I did my MA in Childhood & Youth Studies. Now I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Being a third culture kid expanded my horizons in various forms, from being surrounded by various cultures, nationalities and perspectives, to learning how to adapt to multiple environments. It taught me the power that we have in diversity and our choices in deciding what we want to learn or unlearn to complement our authentic being.

In my spare time, you will also find me using my creative skills in writing music, singing, performing, cooking, reading, travelling and enjoying good food!